Tianya Yang, moeder van jonge pianoleerling

Bringing our daughter to Miss Anna’s piano studio, is one of the best decisions we made. Our daughter studies piano with Anna since 2017, when she was 4 years old. It is very difficult to teach such a young kid. At her age, you know, she had no idea about pitch and of course reading scores was impossible. Her hands were not big and strong enough to play complete repertoire. So, Anna made a unique plan for her: only children music in the beginning. These lively melodies made her love to play piano. Anna provided short and efficient lessons, because it is super hard for kids to stay focused and long lessons always bring negative stuff. Anna always adjusts her teaching plan according to our daughter’s skills development and her study motion. As our daughter gets older, she starts to have her own taste of music and starts to express her personal sense of meaning through her piano playing. Anna is great teacher, if you missed her, you’ll definitely regret it.